ElektroG  (WEEE) covers all devices, which use electromagnetic fields to get driven. Everyone, who trades those goods for business in Germany into the market (means: first trader), has to register within Foundation EAR. For all traded models or devices the manufacturer needs an additional registration within EAR.

Even if Foundation EAR hat linked the product into a certain category of device, that doesn’t mean that the product will remain in this category automatically. For example LED, in lighting chains was not covered by the duty to register in the beginning. That changed: Suddenly even toilette seats with integrated lighting had to be registered in.

Similar story with toasters. Originally they were treated as household small devices, then as big ones, then they shrined to small again. Meanwhile meteorological stations were listed under  observatories, just to be treated as household small products later on.
Further changes will come with the performance of the recast of WEEE. The newly implanted modifications will probably start to be integrated into the German ElektroG  (probably then covering also PV-modules). Mainly important is, that no exceptions will be made anymore.
Whereas it’s rated secondary, that some products eventually will never be disposed, because they are too worthy. But still then your company has to care about  the rules of ElektroG.

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