WEEE in Germany: Ordinance about placing the product on the European or German market, the take back and environment-caring recycling of electrical and electronic products (WEEE)  - current version (02/2012): Elektroaltgerätegesetz: ElektroG.

Cost regulation for WEEE (Waste of electrical and electronic products, 04/2013),  ElektroGKostV.

Ordinance for the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic devices: Elektro-Stoff-Verordnung/RoHS2, German law): ElektroStoffV (in German).

Packaging ordinance: Modification no. 5: VerpackV, information by the German Ministry of Environment regarding Packaging Ordinance: Basics to VerpackV
Batteries Act: Ordinance about the placing, take back and environment-caring recycling of batteries and accumulators: Batteriegesetz – BattG.

Legislations in the EU

Labeling duties / energy labels for  LED, lamps and lighting products: Ordinance (EU) Nr. 874/2012  of the commission as consequence to perform EU directive 2010/30 of the European Parliament  and the EU Commission regarding energy efficiency labeling of lamps and lighting products (updates 07/2012): 874/2012.

Eco Design Ordinance for lamps and LED: Ordinance (EU) Nr. 1194/2012 of the European Commission to perform directive 2009/125/EG of the European Parliament and the Commission regarding the environmental design of lamps with bundled light, LED and  related devices (updated: 12/2012): 1194/2012.

WEEE: Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and the Commission about used electrical and electronic products (updated: 07/2012): WEEE-Recast,
Packaging: Basics to the Packaging Directive of the EU: Basics to EU-Packaging Directive.

EU Packaging Directive: Packaging Directive 94/62/EG of the EU Parliament and the EU (from Dec 20th, 1994) about packaging and packaging waste.


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