More and more legislation hardens life and work of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. You have to invest a lot of time and energy to meet all of the EU’s and Germany’s legal requirements correctly.

The newly amended german WEEE legislation, the so-called “ElektroG2” will – freshly overhauled - increase uncertainties, because from the beginning of 2016, all companies with no subsidiary in Germany has to nominate an authorized representative. This also applies to the manufacturers and importers who already have a registration with the WEEE Registration Foundation (Stiftung EAR). These registrations will be deleted.

Also manufacturers of lightings and photovoltaic systems will be subject to registration. On top there are new take-back obligations for larger shops of consumer electronics stores and online retailers. Extensified efforts will also be required to meet the new WEEE obligations in other EU countries, regarding online trade.

We support you in all areas:

  • ElektroG (WEEE) consulting and registration
  • WEEE registration in other EU countries
  • Redemption options for larger shops of consumer electronics as well as for online retailers
  • Implementation of the Regulation and battery
  • Packaging Ordinance.

We focus completely on you and your products. We'll tell you which obligations apply to your business and work the best solutions for you. We take care of the german and european WEEE registration, packaging and licensing the battery regulation – with all the administration coming along.

Competent, reliable, fast and friendly. Just ask us - we are on hold: mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +49-40-18 29 07 02


EAR verändert erneut Gebühren


Die Stiftung EAR hat zum Jahresanfang erneut die Gebühren geändert. Inländische Hersteller zahlen nun weniger, ausländische etwas mehr. Kräftig zugelangt wird bei den Garantiesystemen und Kommunen.

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Was nun? Probleme mit EAR-Portal


Das neue EAR-Portal bereitet etlichen Herstellern Probleme - teilweise schon beim Einloggen: Wo geht es los?

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ElektroG-Garantien momentan nicht möglich


Hersteller können derzeit keine Garantien abschließen, weil die stiftung ear den kollektiven Garantie-Systemen noch keine Freigabe erteilt hat.

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ElektroG tritt am 24.10.15 in Kraft


Nach Informationen aus dem Bundesumweltministerium wird das neue ElektroG am kommenden Freitag im Bundesgesetzblatt veröffentlicht und tritt somit am Samstag, den 24.10.2015 in Kraft.

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ElektroG kommt Ende Oktober 2015


Das neue ElektroG soll nun doch bis Ende Okobter 2015 in Kraft treten. Momentan liegt es zur Prüfung im Bundespräsidalamt.

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