ElektroG brings several duties with itself:
Registration within Foundation EAR (Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte-Register):

All manufacturers and importers in question now have to have themselves registered within Foundation EAR. The main hurdle to register in is the demonstration of a guarantee exceeding eventual insolvency.  This guarantee is up to ensure that the manufacturer can fulfill his disposal duties of used electrical and electronic equipment after he has eventually disappeared from the market.

More than that its essential to find and name a trustee for the management of that guarantee. This trustee should be enabled to perform the guarantee in  case of evidence. Thus he is to entitle with access to the guarantee.  
After having received your number of registration from Foundation EAR, you have got to notify monthly (in some cases in different time-intervals) the weight of your traded and disposed products to EAR.

Manufacturers have to label their products since march 24th, 2006, with the crossed waste-bin-symbol. The labeling duty requires, that the symbol must be visible, readable and undeletable on the product itself.
Since march 2006 in German a duty to recycle is enacted for all manufacturers. They have to ensure, that all consumers have the possibility to dispose their used electrical and electronic equipment at public collecting courts. The further treatment of the goods has been put  under the responsibility of the manufacturers, who also has to care about the pre-notified recycling quotas. To organize logistic and recycling, the manufacturers order disposal companies. 

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