According to ElektroG the manufacturer in question has to make sure that the disposal of used electrical and electronic products is guaranteed even after the company eventually will have  disappeared from the market. This is an undisputable condition for registering at all, at least in Germany. 
ElektroG names different solutions for guarantees: 
A bank guarantee: This solution requires a capital tie-up for the long run, it thus worsens the Basel-2-ranking. Foundation EAR pre-conditions special wording here and there.
Recycling-Insurance: Nowadays several competitors offer individual insurances. In some cases connected to high operating fees and tough minimum charges, in others there is unfavorable wording hidden in the contracts. Most insurances are based on a revolving system: The manufacturers are paying annually new fees for the amounts of traded products notified in previous years.
Collected guarantee funds: They as well operate hand in hand with insurance companies, mostly in revolving systems as well, often with high system- and entry-charges. Ask us, we’ll find the right solution for you.

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